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Find Art

You have long wanted to buy an old high-quality painting, you know what you like. You do not have time to search and there is no desire to overpay. We will help you find, restore and, if necessary, give attribution.

Our concept is as follows: when ordering, we are looking for old masters by the back streets of Europe. We try to see in the aged, often unreconstructed painting that purity that shines through age-old dust and darkened varnish. Imperishable beauty opens after restoration, and the painting appears in its full beauty, pleasing with the freshness of colors and the depth of space. After the restoration we will deliver you a picture and it will take a worthy place in your beautiful house.

And to have an old favorite painting is your privilege.

Our company consists of a restorer of Western European and Tempera painting and Doctor of Arts.

We are located in Amsterdam, Leiden and St. Petersburg, Moscow.

Admiraal Hendrik Bowden Courten (1702-1761)

The painting is representing a rear admiral with four ships under his command. The original painting is dated back to the 1730's based on the style of the wig in that period. The painting has been customised to the fashion of the 1750's when the painting was painted out. http://www.conservart.nl/Restauratie/Hendrik%20Jan%20Boudaen

The provenance of the painting is from van Citters to des Tombes (2008). Based on the provenance it was thought that the rear-admiral represents Hendrik Boudaen Courten (1702-1761). His career development seems to make this unlikely though. The original picture is of a good quality and might have been painted by Dirk Vlietland, who was active in Zeeland at the time.